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Individual, couple or family Therapy

I use evidence-based therapies- CBT and REBT. Although the total sessions that are required for each person vary with each case, usually 8-12 sessions are sufficient. Therapy doesn't work, you have to make it work for you. I will put in my effort, however, your accountability is everything.



We offer a variety of psychological assessments. The assessments we use are standardized, licensed and reliable. Currently we offer MCMI-4, BASC-3, BYI-2, and Career assessment package including MCMF, CDM and BASC-3/MCMI-4.


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Online counseling information (WEF. Jan 1st 2020)


For your information, the details for the sessions are as follows:

The sessions shall ideally be once a week, each session will be of 45 min duration. They are scheduled one at a time. The client/relatives shall make a phone call on my number, or on Skype/ Zoom/Botim for UAE on the scheduled time. If the online session encounters technical problems, the session is continued on phone. The professional charges INR 7000 or USD 95 (or INR/AED equivalent on the day). All the payments shall be made in advance for the session. Most clients find it convenient to transfer fee for 3-4 sessions at a time. At the training center at Nagpur, we have an option to opt for reduced fee due to donations, for face to face sessions only.

For couples doing a session together for the first time, the duration will be 90 minutes. The charges will be INR 9200 or USD 110. After the first session, there will be independent sessions for both partners. For most problems, a standard treatment module is 8-14 sessions spread over 2-4 months and a follow up session after 3 months of the last session. This is variable from person to person. Confidentiality is maintained about client information. I may discuss the case with my seniors or colleagues by maintaining confidentiality about client identity. I will break confidentiality to people previously authorised by the client only under conditions where the client poses a high risk to the life and safety of self, and/or others. For this I will need two phone numbers that I can contact in case of an emergency.

The therapies I practice are Cognitive Behavior therapy and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. Both these therapies are researched and evidence based.

Cancellation Policy:

Rescheduling: No rescheduling charges if done more than 48 hours in advance. Any rescheduling done within 48 hours of the session will be considered cancellation of the session. A session can be rescheduled only once. Cancellation: 75% refund if cancelled more than 48 hours in advance of the session. 50% refund if cancelled within 48 hours in advance. No refund if cancelled /no show within 24 hours of scheduled session. If the client doesn’t log in for over 15 minutes without prior notice of the scheduled time, it will be considered no show. Refunds: In the rare case of the client who requires a refund of the fee paid due to any reason, a request must be made on the email with transaction details of the credit, their bank details/PayPal ID to expedite the process. Kindly note that such a request must be made more than 48 hours in advance of the scheduled session. Refunds may take upto 15 business days to process.